Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Since its establishment in 1993, the ultrasound was regarded as an extension of the clinician, providing great advances in the provision of care and service to the Filipino patient. And with the first general meeting and induction of officers in 1994, the society was put in the forefront of the practice of sonography amidst technological innovations and effective delivery of all these to our experts, trainees and ultimately to our patients.

The PSUOG website was created as a means of providing information as well as updates on the many events happening in the society, both within the country and abroad. It is a way to share knowledge within the society, as well as provide news and material or interested parties. We aim to make communication easier and eventually provide Guidelines for management, FAQ’s and possibly even lecture notes/lectures presented during our events.

Join me in embracing the wonders of technology and improving knowledge through continuing medical education with the help of our website. It is in this light that I invite all our members to join us here and in our future endeavors. Truly, keeping our PSUOG values as well as our Mission Vision in mind in all we do is still the basic essence of what we do.

In behalf of the officers and the board, it is my pleasure to invite you to explore the website and actively involve yourselves in our events and undertakings today and in the future.

Welcome and Best Wishes,



PSUOG ‘s endeavors are underpinned by the desire for positive change such that we gain greater imperative to accomplish and exceed our goals. Let the wellbeing then of our members be our foremost motivation as we journey further along Obstetrics and Gynecologic Ultrasound Globalization and for us to champion an equitably progressive future for the society. This homepage is dedicated to all members for us to connect, network,interact , to understand and share each other’s ideas .

My vision is to engage more Ob- Gyn Sonologists to use this website as a platform to move forward building relationships,together growing in our field of interest and embracing other professionals ideas worldwide. As you can see, the new site is very different because our goal is to make it simpler, easier-to-use and more action-oriented. Beyond the home page, there are a few other pages to explore to get a sense of where we are going.

We have been working on this website so that it shall be tremendously easier for the members to find the information and take action on issues important to you. With PSUOG ..TOGETHER we LEARN !


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